The source of my inspiration comes from the history of ancient era. I often read about the excavations of Heinrich Schliemann, Arthur John Evans and others who have found the most durable materials - bronze, ceramics and glass. Penetrating into the thoughts, perceptions and feelings, I try to connect those three together. Each material has its own language. When you understand the language and make the material into idea, the result becomes a successful work. In my art, drawing plays a special role. If you go deeper, you will find out that the line is clearly visible in all my sculptures. The secret of getting a three-dimensional form is the energy of the line. There are three important components in my artworks – philosophy, humor and dynamic. When these components are concentrated, the artwork can defend itself by engaging in discussion and become eternal, because the work of art lives longer than the artist. Creation for me is an endless process: the more you search, the more you find, the deeper you dive, the more you get away from the earth’s crust. I work with different techniques (welding, soldering, casting, pottery, oil painting, drawing with coal, pens, and etc.).